einige durch-gestrichene dinge
/ certain things crossed out


Lecture-Performance mit Projection-Mapping auf Transparentpapier.
Aufführung im Rahmen des Events Rebrand, Rebirth, Recycle. The ICC Makeover. im Tokonoma Kassel am 16. April 2019.

lecture-performance using projection mapping on an original drawing on transparent paper. first performed at tokonoma kassel as part of the event Rebrand, Rebirth, Recycle. The ICC Makeover. on april 16, 2019.

certain things crossed out
certain things crossed out

image 1: David von der Stein,
image 2: concept sketch,
image 3: studio candid

viewers were seated in a dark room and looking at a figure drawn on transparent paper. the figure didn’t have a face, but it’s expressions changed throughout the reading because they were mapped onto it with a video projector. i read her speech from another room and used a microphone, it wasn’t possible to see me at all.
the drawing was the one speaking.

text of the performance as documented on my newsletter can be found here