die sehnsucht der spinne
/ the spider's longing


die sehnsucht der spinne
die sehnsucht der spinne

"When does a person learn love? When does one awake to love?"

queere jugendlektüre / confusing emotion / moderner bildungsroman: spieltrieb vs. todestrieb

visuelle anlehnungen an „thomas no shinzou“ (1974) von moto hagio und die verfilmung des comics „summer vacation 1999“, mit filmmaterial von stephen hayes

yuri comic, 20 seiten, 4-farbiger risodruck, deutscher text mit englischen untertiteln

this is a comic about a girl and her two best friends and about longing and loss.
how do you deal with the everyday mystery and despair of being a queer girl?
what futures can you create in this confusing emotional mess of love, play and death?

inspired by moto hagio’s heart of thomas, and high school AUs.
with stills from summer vacation 1999 and filmed material by stephen hayes.

work in progess and notes

20 pages, 4 color risograph yuri comic, german text with english subtitles

there is a .pdf edition (incl. english subtitles) of this zine,
you can download it here!